Trayvon Martin Speaks: A Poet’s Reflection

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A poet shares his thoughts on the outcry following Trayvon Martin’s tragic death. “I guess it’s convenient to just throw a hoodie on and yell, Revolution.”


The East Side Crack Head (on WSHH)

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He asked why he can’t get on WSHH and We made it happen!

Super Vocalist Mary Jennings

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Live performance of Surrender by Mary Jennings at Sullivan Hall.

World Premiere- FGJ’s Let Me Be Free

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Shot and filmed in South Beach during the spring of 2011, Fish Grease Jenkins takes his antics to a whole new level. Directed by roll®blade A; shot on the Nikon D90.

Also see the vimeo link below if you’re not a YouTube fanatic.

Intro song used courtesy of Tarryn Edwards (Alpha Phunk). for more info.


Storytelling LIVE with T-Berry

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Spotted: “Roll®blade A”

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WORK it OUT (Times Sq Edition)

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Spotted: FishGrease Jenkins

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